Agro pontino

Located in the grounds of the Agro Pontino, a few kilometers from the sea, Lake Fogliano and the Lepini mountains, the La Felce farm is a plant nursery established in 1985 and specialized in the production of the main crops of our area: Olivo and Kiwi.

The Nursery

The company covers an area of ​​around 20Ha, which includes greenhouses, intensive and traditional olive groves, exhibitions of exemplary olive trees and actinidia plants.


In our nursery we produce plants grown according to the organic method certified by the "Suolo & Salute" association. Plant certification is an indispensable reference for those who intend to start BIO production.


Given the abundance of water and the flat surface in our area, an intense Kiwi production has developed that has been recognized as Kiwi Latina IGP. The province of Latina ranks 1st in terms of quantity produced in Italy.

Intensive Olive Grove

We have carried out both intensive and traditional olive plants at our company. In addition to producing oil, these plants also represent our mother plant fields for plant reproduction.


The agricultural culture of Lazio is strongly linked to oil. In fact, there are as many as 4 extra virgin DOP oils: Colline Pontine DOP, Canino DOP, Tuscia and Sabina DOP.

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